The draft program is available here. This is subject to change. The abstracts may be viewed here.

Here is a full list of participants: Abdelraouf, Y. A., Alangari, A., Alshiha, A., Armstrong, N., Avruch, I., Beretta, G. P., Bertram, J., Bína, V., Borwein, J., Brewer, B. J., Buntine, W., Cameron, E., Caticha, N., Dewar, R., Diniz, C., Edwards, M., Ensslin, T., Frean, M., Friedlander, A. Gengler, S., Ghaderi, A., Giffin, A., Goggans, P., Goyal, P., Grisogono, A., Harre, M., Henderson, W., Hobbs, B., Hogg, D. W., Hu, Y., Huijser, D., Huppenkothen, D., Hutter, M., Ituk, V., Jenkins, C., Kaiser, E, Kalloniatis, A., Kawazura, Y., Kenichirou, T. Kester, D., Klimenko, A., Lewis, G. F., Lin, G. D., Lineweaver, C., Mengersen, K., Yeliz, M. K., Murray, I., Najm, H. N., Nasser, H., Nelson, D. Niven, R. K., Noack, B., Ord, A., Paull, D., Pope, B., Popinga, A., Reid, M., Sambridge, M., Selig, M., Singh, V. P., Skilling, J., Stern, J. M., Stokes, B., Sunehag, P., Sutcu, M., Sutton, V., Takada, H. H., Taylor, R., Toda, A. A., van Rooyen, B., Verdoolaege, G., Virgo, N., von Toussaint, U., Waldrip, S., Warton, D., Weis, S., Wood, I., Zuparic, M.


In a new initiative this year, we will offer two awards: a best student oral presentation award, and a best poster award. Each award will carry a certificate and $100 cash prize, to be awarded on the Friday. The awards will be judged by members of the Organising Committee, the International Scientific Advisory Committee and the Keynote Speakers. The marking criteria for these awards are available here and here.